3 Week Diet Reviews

3 Week Diet Reviews: Best Meal Plan To Lose 20 Pounds of Body Fat in Just 21 Days – If you’re looking to lose weight, you’ve probably tried a diet or two. Some may work to an extent, but the progress is probably slow and the diet is hard to follow. Eventually, you get discouraged and give up.

A new program called the 3 Week Diet will change how you think of diets forever. This revolutionary program is easy to follow and is guaranteed to help you burn fat and lose weight quickly.

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3 Week Diet Plan Overview

3 week diet reviews

The plan’s creator is Brian Flatt. Brian has been working in the diet and fitness industry since 1999, as a certified personal trainer, a certified sports nutritionist, an author, and a speaker.

During his time in the industry, he’s seen firsthand what doesn’t work. He used science combined with experience to create a new program that does work.

The plan is an easy-to-follow complete system involving both diet and exercise that is proven to lead to rapid fat loss. Brian teaches you why much of the so-called wisdom out there about dieting and weight loss is wrong.

This bad information is what makes the diet industry a multi-billion dollar market. Then, he teaches what the right way to lose weight is in a simple, step-by-step fashion.

3 Week Diet Details

brian flatt The plan offers a digital pdf download of four distinct manuals. These are an Introduction Manual, a Diet Manual, a Workout Manual, and a Mindset & Motivation Manual. These four parts of the program seamlessly work together to help create the new you.

It’s clear that the 3Week Diet was built on a solid foundation of science. There is a recognition that the extra weight you carry is probably not your fault.

Brian explains that some of the common reasons for carrying extra weight are things like cellular inflammation and unbalanced hormones. This approach is refreshing since so many diet books can feel judgmental.

Rather than blaming you, this weight loss program teaches you the science in an approachable way and then gives you an actionable diet plans for how to succeed to achieve your goal.

A major cliche that Brian refutes with the 3 Week Diet is the idea that eating less and exercising more is all you need.

This standard advice can only help to a certain extent, and for many, this advice is practically useless.

He teaches that not all calories are equal and teaches you why. Knowing what to eat is key to success.

In addition to knowing what kinds of foods help or hinder weight loss, the 3 Week Diet includes some other techniques like intermittent fasting and selective supplementation.

There are also relatively short, easy to follow workout plans included. Every part of the plan is easy to follow with clear, step-by-step instructions.

A major reason this program works is that effort leads directly to reward. This can be true with many diet programs, but the connection between effort and reward is usually painfully slow.

With 3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt, you start to see significant results right away. This immediate reward motivates you to keep going. This reward system is what makes sticking to this diet easier than sticking to other diets.

The plan is called the 3Week Diet because it’s built around a 21-day time period. If you still have weight to lose, you can absolutely continue the program past the first three weeks and Brian Flatt describes how to do it.

What’s Inside In The 3 Week Diet System?

  1. Introduction Manual
    intro It’s important for every product user to know how the product works.

    Human body is not like a museum where everything is placed or takes place because of just a few wonders! Rather, it is accomplished clearly and concisely with scientific reasons that are pretty comprehensible.

    In this section, the author depicts how fat loss progresses within the body. The author also advises to take supplements in order to speed up the process. Protein gets priority in the author’s list.

  2. Diet Manual
    3 week diet plan Shows you how to calculate your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and what you need to consume in order to lose weight. It explains what foods to eat and to avoid, and vice versa.

    If you don’t know, BMR (basal metabolic rate) is the amount of calories your body burns per day at rest in a neutral environment. Understanding your BMR is key, this is the most important section.

  3. Workout Manual
    workout Here your provided a workout that you can follow. It includes diagrams and full detailed instructions.

    Most of these workouts can be done at home, but can be done in a gym as well. The 3 Week diet program recommends 20-30 minute sessions three times per week.

    You will learn that workouts are not required for weight loss, these simply place you in a bigger caloric deficit. A bigger deficit created means more weight loss.

  4. Mindset & Motivation Manual
    mindset The product provides immense guidance to help you keep pace with the constantly needed motivation.

    Strong mindset is essential for the continuity of the program while relevant suggestions will keep you motivated and have vital energy to complete the program.

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Overview Of The Program

Here i’ll briefly summarize the stages of the program you will follow.

  1. PHASE 1 (DAYS 1-7):
    The exciting first week will help you reduce 4-8 pounds of fat from your body. Your body will release weight that remains in the form of water. Scientifically, this is the step you should get started with first.
  2. PHASE 2 (DAY 8):
    This is your fasting day while you will no food intake within 24 hours at a stretch. Your body will be detoxified meanwhile accelerating your weight loss.
  3. PHASE 3 (DAY 9-11):
    This phase will allow you to continue following a low calorie diet plan with menus associated with higher fat. Throughout this session you’ll experience persistent weight loss. Just consider calculating the number of calories you are going to consumer according to your BMR (basal metabolic rate).
  4. PHASE 4 (DAY 9-21):
    This stage will allow you to concentrate on eating for your BMR. There will be a set of calories to absorb which should strictly be followed. This final stage will let you see the consistent weight loss almost effortlessly.

Sticking to your BMR and eating the amount of calories specified will give you the best results. I recommend you download and install MYFITNESSPAL on your phone.

The app is free and will allow you to add and track everything you eat fairly accurately, doing this will guarantee you the best results.

Results You Can Expect

Brian Flatt’s 3week diet claims that this program can expect the results:

3 week diet results

  1. You can expect to lose 4-8 pounds of stubborn belly fat each day during the first 7 days
  2. You can expect to lose 3/4-1 pound of belly fat each day during the next 2 weeks
  3. At the end of the 21 days, you can expect to have lost 12-23 pounds of pure body fat
  4. You can also expect to have dropped a few inches from your waistline and gone down a few dress sizes
  5. You can expect a big increase in your energy level
  6. You can expect to have a significantly faster metabolism
  7. You can expect to enjoy a newfound sense of control over your weight and your future.
  8. The best part? Unlike with other diet programs, these expected results really are typical. If you follow the 3week diet plan as written, you will experience these kinds of results. It’s that simple.

Pros & Cons


  • Proven and fast results
  • Very rapid weight loss
  • 60-day no-questions-asked moneyback guarantee if it doesn’t work
  • Very easy to follow with clear, step-by-step guides
  • Built-in motivation with initial weight loss acting as a reward to inspire you to stick with it
  • It’s a complete system rather than just a diet or just an exercise program or just a mindset motivation system – it includes everything and the three aspects work together perfectly
  • Works for anyone and everyone (vegetarians and vegans as well as meat-eaters, those who’ve never worked out before as well as athletes, someone with a very busy life and almost no time to spare as well as someone with plenty of free time, etc.)
  • Instant digital download


  • Like any diet program, it requires effort and commitment
  • If you want a physical copy of any of the materials, you’ll have to print it out yourself
  • You’ll need to buy some extras, like supplements and weights

This isn’t a magic pill. To lose weight, you will have to put in the effort to follow the plan.

If you follow it, though, it can feel pretty close to magic. The results are that powerful.

If you do follow it to the letter and don’t experience the promised results, you can get your money back in full. That guarantee along should tell you something. Try it now, visit the official website: 3weekdiet.com.